About Us

UV treatment experts

The power of our systems is driven by the people behind them.

Queicoa is a company formed by people with a very high experience in ultraviolet disinfection with opaque liquids.

Incorporated in 2023, our company was born from a dream, an idea to take UV technology to the next level. Achieving this was no easy task. Years of trial and error, of discarding and starting over, of perfecting what already works.

We at Queicoa work continuously to offer the best equipment and the best service to our customers.


Barallete was a slang used, among others, by the sharpeners of Nogueira de Ramuín, in Ourense. It seems to be a mixture of Castilian, Galician, Basque and even German.

Queicoa means god in barallete, but fighting, resistant, tough men who have been working all their lives were also called queicoas. That's where we come from, from Nogueira de Ramuín, and after many years of working, we've finally found  the best way of ultraviolet disinfection, and we have named our machine Trisquel.

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